About Us

Our History

We have been professional breeders since we were married. My wife and I have 20 years of breeding experience. We first began breeding Frenchies! Somewhere along the way, we naturally transitioned from Frenchies to Goldendoodles! We have been breeding Goldendoodles ever since. Our family absolutely adores the breed. Goldendoodles are by a long shot our number one type ever. As a family, we have 20 years of total breeding experience, and the majority of those years have been with Goldendoodles. Fortunately, this is a family activity. Our kids have helped us throughout all these years of breeding Goldendoodles. We have passed on the entirety of our insight and ability down to our kids. They each have 8 years of involvement in Goldendoodles themselves! They have even willingly volunteered to add on their insight by going to yearly pup shows and canine exhibitions. So regardless of who’s dealing with you at our website, you’re good to go.

Our Journey

We’ve appreciated watching the development and notoriety of Goldendoodles take off. We’ve watched individuals who had no information on the variety, transform into the world’s most diehard followers and advocates for doodles. It’s genuinely been a gift to observe! Over the long haul we have developed our varieties somewhat consistently. We currently additionally breed Aussiedoodles! We value giving varieties that make extraordinary family canine—breeds we love. Despite the fact that we provide families with Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, and English Goldendoodles; we actually keep a first in class quality in all of our breeding parents.


We provide a variety of doodles. Goldendoodles F1 & F1B: Mini, Small, Medium, & Standard. Aussiedoodles F1 & F1B: Mini & Standard. Aussiedoodles F1 & F1B: Mini & Medium. With an assortment, we actually give first in class quality puppies for every one of the families that decide to take on with us here at our website.With our enormous information and expertly authorized breeding experience, we can offer a 3-year health guarantee for our pups. We have a real overflow in confidence in our puppies’ health because of our thorough course of hand-selected breeding.